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We offer a wide range of publications in both English and German. With Eberhard Reichmann as editor-in-chief, and in cooperation with the Max Kade German-American Center, the Society has a strong publications program.

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Hoffmann Cover Hofmann, Annette
American Turner Movement: A History from its Beginnings. IUPUI Max Kade German-American Center and Indiana German Heritage Society, 2010. 276 pp.
New for 2010
Wilk, Gerard. Edited by D.H. Tolzmann.
Americans from Germany.
Reprint Edition
IGHS, 1995. 95pp., ill.,
Stempfel, Theodore.
Artist's Life - Rudolf Schwarz and Karl Bitter.
Illustrated reprint edition of the 1936 original,
Eberhard Reichmann (ed.).
IGHS, 2002. 56pp
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Rippley, La Vern J.
The Columbus Germans.
Columbus Männerchor ; Baltimore, Md., 1998.
Reprint edition, 52pp., ill.

Reichmann, Eberhard
and LaVern J. Rippley, Joerg Nagler (eds.)
Emigration and Settlement Patterns of German Communities in North America
Max Kade German-American Center, 1995. 414pp.

Cover Fifty Years of Unrelenting German Aspirations in Indianapolis Fifty Years of Unrelenting German Aspirations in Indianapolis, 1848-1898. (Theodore Stempfel's 1898 Festschrift)
Bilingual edition by G.R. Hoyt et al (eds.);
IGHS, 1991. 158pp., 9x12 format, ill., index.
Krapf, Norbert (ed.).
Finding the Grain. Pioneer German Journals and Letters from Dubois County, Indiana. Rev. & expanded edition.
IGHS, 1997. 330pp., ill
Press Pass Failey, Majie Alford
Forgive Us Our Press Passes: A society editor's prayer.
Guild Press of Indiana, 1992. 200pp.
Tolzmann, Don Heinrich (ed.).
The German-American Forty-Eighters, 1848-1998.
IGHS, 1998. 127pp., ill., index.

Adams, Willi Paul.
The German-Americans. An Ethnic Experience.
American edition by LaVern J. Rippley & Eberhard Reichmann. IGHS, 1993. 46pp., ill.


Ziegler, James P.
The German-Language Press in Indiana: a bibliography.
IGHS, 1994. 70pp., ill., index.

Cover The Germans in Indianapolis Probst, George T. & Eberhard Reichmann.
The Germans in Indianapolis, 1840-1918.
IGHS, 1989. 212p., ill., index
GoingDutch Gellinek, Christian.
Going Dutch - Gone American: Germans settling North America. Aschendorff Verlag, 2003. 222pp.
Reichmann, Eberhard (ed.)
Hoosier German Tales - Small & Tall.
IGHS, 1991. 278pp., ill
Peake, Michael A.
Indiana's German Sons. 32nd Volunteer Infantry - Baptism of Fire: Rowlett's Station 1861
IGHS, 2000. 72pp., ill.

Fauvre, Beverly Raffensperger.
Justly Proud: a German American Family in Indiana.
Guild Press of Indiana, 1995. 210pp.

Robinson, Gabrielle and Erwin Scherer.
Life in Letters: a 19th Century correspondence between Barvaria and South Bend, Indiana.
IGHS, 2006. 178pp., ill.
Lost American Dream Holtmann, Antonius.
A Lost American Dream. Civil War Letters (1862/63) of Immigrant Theodor Heinrich Brandes in Historical Contexts. Trans. by Eberhard Reichmann. IGHS, 2005. 109pp., ill

Tolzmann, Don Heinrich (ed.).
New Ulm in Word and Picture. J.H. Strasser's History of a German-American Settlement.
Orig. publ. 1892.
IGHS, 1997. 90pp., ill.

Hoyt Hoyt, Dolores J.
A Strong Mind in a Strong Body: Libraries in the German-American Turner Movement.
Peter Lang, 1999. 205pp.

Studies in Indiana German-Americana (Volume 2):
German Influence on Religion in Indiana
IGHS, 1995. 102pp.


Tolzmann, Don Heinrich (ed.).
The Sioux Uprising in Minnesota, 1862: Capt. Jacob Nix's Eyewitness History.
Bilingual edition. Orig. publ. 1891.
Trans. by G. Steinhauser, D.H. Tolzmann and E. Reichmann.
IGHS, 1994. 82pp., ill.


Christo & Jeanne-Claude
Verhüllter: Reichstag, Berlin, 1971-1995.
/ Wrapped: Reichstag, Berlin, 1971-1995
Bilingual edition (German & English).
Das Buch zum Projekt, Benedikt Taschen, 1995. 96pp., ill.

Wegweiser Selm, William L.
Wegweiser: a self-guided tour of German-American Sites in Indianapolis.
IGHS, 2008. 55p., ill.

Witter's Deutch-Englische Schreib- und Lese-Fibel / German-English Primer. Orig. publ. 1881.
Reprint edition by Eberhard Reichmann.
IGHS, 1987. 102pp., ill. 





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