Willkommen to persons who:

  • Enjoy German culture
  • Have discovered the rich history & traditions of Germany
  • Have German ancestry

You share the interests of the members of the Indiana German Heritage Society.

Approximately 40% of persons living in Indiana have German ancestry. People from the German speaking regions of Europe helped weave strong threads of German culture into the fabric of Indiana. This influence is found in Hoosier music, art, religion, architecture, sports, and celebrations.

IGHS - Our Society:

  • Is dedicated to preserving and perpetuating German-American history

  • Seeks to identify, understand, and preserve Indiana's German heritage 

  • Promotes cultural relations with the German-speaking areas of Europe

  • Is non-political. It looks at "German" not in terms of present political boundaries, but in terms of ethnic traditions of culture and language. Indiana's German heritage thus includes contributions from: Austria, the Federal Republic of Germany, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, German-speaking Switzerland, Alsace-Lorraine, Southern-Tyrol and other German-speaking countries and regions of Europe. We cherish the cultural diversity of the Hoosier State and are proud of the German-American contributions to its way of life.
Indiana German
Heritage Society (IGHS)
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